At Flipping Table, we believe that every table should allow their owners to make a personalized statement. That is why we enjoy the process of guiding our customers towards choosing a table based on their unique preferences.

For clients who have engaged an Interior Design firm to renovate or refurbish your home, you can utilize our flipping table solutions in your custom works. Some daily applications include:

  • Wardrobe/Home Shelter Storage: You can now better compartmentalize your wardrobes and store rooms to better cater for large or bulky items should you require the space (i.e. luggage, gowns, trench coats), or convert it into compartmentalized shelvings at a whim
  • Kitchen top extension: Offer an extension to your wet kitchen or kitchen islands that can act as a dry kitchen or for serving food, or simply as a bar top to enjoy a cocktail or two
  • Dining table extension: Create extensions to your existing dining table to cater for parties and special occasions
  • Bay windows: Make full use of your bay windows by converting it into a storage solution that allows for work desk purposes or simply enjoy breakfast-in-bed
  • Shower safety: For families with young children or the elderly, a stainless steel flip table can be fixed within the shower cubicle to act as support or seats when required
  • Clothes drying hanger: Remove the need for bulky and clumsy clothes rack with our FastLeg mechanism. Simply close the hanger whenever you are done drying your laundry
  • Feature Wall: Incorporate a flipping table into your feature wall for your accessories, ornaments, book stand or any other combination play… it can be constructed flushed-in with the feature wall for additional aesthetic appeal
  • Seminar room/classroom: Transform a theater-seating into a classroom setting and vice versa (flip tables to rest laptops) whenever the need arises
  • Storage cabinet: Have the flipping table built-in to your design, which allows you to transform a storage cabinet into your laptop or work desk (and store your laptop and stationery in the cabinet drawers for easy access). Add wheels to your cabinet for a portable work desk wherever you go
Storage drawers and compartments

Storage drawers and compartments

Highly stable with wheel locks

Highly stable with wheel locks










Visit us at our showroom at Park Mall #B1-22 to share your requirements and our sales consultants will be delighted to tailor a solution to meet your needs.

1) Dimension and design

You need to find an arc table that fits nicely in your assigned space. Or perhaps your fengshui master mentioned that the size needs to be exactly 68cm deep and 88cm long.

Simply tell us the dimensions and design of the table you have in mind and we will custom build it just as you want it.

2) Model structure

Choose between the following options:

  • 1 structure with 2 stabilizing hinges (suggested for tables below 80cm long)
  • 2 structures (suggested for tables above 80cm long)
  • Shock absorbers should be added for families with children

3) Material

  • Particle board
  • Medium Density Board (MDF)
  • Plywood
  • Solid Wood

4) Finishing

  • Lacquered (Matt/Glossy)
  • Stainless steel (Satin/Polished)
  • Tempered glass (Extra Clear/Float/Standard)
  • Butcher blocks (solid beech wood)
  • Laminates*

* For clients who are looking to construct a local made table top (plywood with HPL laminated tops), we offer a large range of water, heat and scratch resistant laminates from companies such as Lamitak, Nevarmar, Alpi and Keding. You can explore a finishing that replicates wood, marble, stone, leather and fabric designs for a theme that befits your home!

You can peruse a sample of the laminate finishing here: Lamitak

lamitak logoNevarmarlogo-alpikeding

It’s time for ownership, and it’s time for style!

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