Renzo-LiseiFlipping Tables from Italy

Renzo Lisei, born 1953 in Recanati, Italy, is an accomplished industrial designer, with a host of patents accredited to him for his extensive work in different fields.

Renzo graduated with a Masters in Industrial Electronics from Marche Polytechnic University in Ancona, Italy. From 1985 to 1992, he was part of the group of leading engineers at Olivetti Advanced Technology Center in Cupertino, California that designed the first IBM compatible personal computer.

An entrepreneur that has a deep passion for mechanical designs, Renzo co-founded Parvis Systems and Services in 1997 and was the company’s first president. He helped built the firm into a global leader in computerized visual inspection for the banknote printing industry. While in charge of its mechanical design division, Renzo authored some of the leading patents related to the company’s activities.

In 2003, after buying a new apartment for his family, he had unintentionally begun his journey into revolutionizing the space-saving furnishing industry. Working with Ormag S.p.A, a mechanical engineering company, he created the first prototype of the FastLeg mechanism in 2004, made from solid blocks of iron wrought to form.

Originally, Renzo created the FastLeg structure for his personal use, envisioned as a system to construct sturdy compact folding tables that can conform to the requirements of a designated area. However, upon the testing of the first prototype, the president of Ormag S.p.A instantaneously recognized the potential of the table. The FastLeg mechanism displayed incredible strength and stability, unlike anything that was available in the market then and even still today.

In 2005, with the support of Ormag S.p.A, Renzo relinquished his managerial duties at Parvis to fully dedicate his time and effort to developing the FastLeg mechanism as a product. Over the next 3 years, he perfected the design of his FastLeg mechanism that utilizes precision cut overlapping steel structures with compact form capabilities. Renzo was later awarded a patent in Europe for his now completed FastLeg mechanism, with similar applications in United States and Asia.

Partnering with DMM S.p.A, Terenzi Vittorio & C. Snc in Italy, and Bansbach easylift GmbH in Germany to produce the parts for his ground-breaking folding table, Renzo founded 2I Srl in 2008 and has witnessed stellar growth based purely on word-of-mouth recommendations by delighted customers. In 2012, after sales grew an astonishing 48% despite the worsening European debt crisis, Renzo sets his sights to expand his business in Asia with his exclusive partnership with Flipping Table.


Cancio SpainFlipping Tables from Spain

Cancio’s products are the end result of the efforts, talent and inspiration of the people making up the company. All together, they form the soul of every table and chair we manufacture.

From the designer creating a new idea, through the master craftsmen who do the building all the way to our transport service, the work of each and every one of us is essential to ensure the achievement of our main goal: customer satisfaction.

Each and every product is painstakingly created to perfection in Spain and shipped to Singapore and Hong Kong to ensure the top satisfaction of our clients and partners. Cancio has now expanded its “Single” business line to the Asian markets with an exclusive distributorship with Flipping Tables in Singapore and Hong Kong.


Victor Puente colourVictor Manuel Puente, born in Cáceres, Spain, 1970, is a graphic and product designer specialising in the furniture industry.

Victor graduated with honours from the arts and crafts program by the prestigious University of Valladolid and his specialization in the furniture industry started when Cancio commissioned him to design the image and product content for the new “Single” series in 2006.

Under the motto “Big solutions for very small spaces”, Victor demonstrated a unique capacity to develop not only innovative solutions with surprising products but also an image that distinguish “Single” as a new and fresh brand focused on young, stylish and discerning clients.

In order  to offer solutions for the most common space problems, Victor, together with a Cancio’s support team, was involved in a technical analysis of real houses in which space problem was a major issue. As such, all products developed were designed for real life applications.