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Flipping Table – Spain Single Catalogue

Flipping Table – Spain Cancio Catalogue

Single Series






Contemporary Design to optimize space

Single Viva is comprised of two wall sided pieces; a flip-top table and a shelved wall panel. These can be used in combination or individually. In closed position, the Viva table only takes 15cm space so that you can place it in quite small spaces.


A flip-top table that takes a small space

Single Vulcano flip-top shelf is most convenient and takes up only the minimum space. In closed position, only takes up a width of 25 millimeters, which makes it virtually invisible. Furthermore, it can be ordered to client specification to fulfill every space need.

Minimum size 32 x 60cm

Maximum size 50 x 200cm


From a counter to a full table.

Single Wall is a wall-side table made for very narrow spaces. In closed position, it can be used as a complementary counter and in open position this table has a seating capacity for three people. This wall-side piece of furniture can be positioned at any height you wish and can be combined either with chairs or tall stools.


Duo usage

Single Duo is a wall-based table that, in closed position, can be used by one person and by two when open. This table features a cutlery drawer on the front and an extension leaf that elongates the counter, all this provides for a design that is even.



A table that triples its capacity

The Unicca table was designed as a conventional table of reduced width. With its easy extension mechanism, the table can seat up to three people, without increasing its width. Available in your choice of two heights and combined either with chairs or tall



A smart idea for small spaces

Single Pilot is a table with a semi-circular worktop. In closed position, it can be used by two persons and by four when open. Thanks to its articulated system, this table easily and quickly extends to become a counter.


Download Single Catalogue



Cancio Series

Concept Table

A table that extends up to 3 times the sitting width (as opposed to Unicca table that provides additional length).

Concept Minor close up Concept Minor in full Concept Minor


Download Cancio Catalogue

CANCIO Series Catalogue by Flipping Table