Why us?


With a rising population and limited land in Singapore, property prices have been pushed up, resulting in more and more shoe-box units. With floor space in homes shrinking, it is now more important than ever to make your furniture work hard for you. At Flipping Table, we believe that being able to enjoy a feeling of spaciousness in your own home is a quality that everyone should have.

When done properly, shoebox living can be a comfortable and stylish statement. Thus, rather than enduring unwieldy furniture that is too small to use or too big that it takes up too much space, the intelligent use of furniture and fittings that are flexible and multi-usable is of paramount importance.

With the ability to fully customize each table to fit your needs, Flipping Table is suitable for all occasions. A buffet table at a party, a work desk to work on, a chair to rest on. Regardless of whether you use it indoors or outdoors, Flipping Table offers you a flexible use of space. Whenever, wherever!


Gain access to a table with a single action. With a Flipping table, there are no knobs, buttons or pulleys to figure out. All you need to do is lift the table into position and that’s it.

When living in small homes, we understand the need for simplicity and intuitiveness for items in your life. That’s why our FastLeg mechanism allows you to open the table with a single lift and close with a simple click.

Now, that’s a true space-saving furniture that you can use, and continue to use, day-in day-out!

Child safe

We understand that raising a child is no easy task and that it is important to child-proof a home. Trying to prevent home accidents arising from nasty knocks and bumps can however prove to be difficult at times, especially during play-time. Curious fingers mean that stick-on corner protectors don’t stay on for long.

Our Flipping Tables fold away quickly and simply to eliminate itself as an obstacle to children. As an added safety measure, our Italian Flipping Tables can be equipped with a self-controlled closure system that gently closes the table.

We believe that furniture around the home should never become a hazard to anyone.


Our Flipping Tables bear the mark of Italian elegance and style and Spanish modern contemporary yet exciting touches – most importantly with the durability and reliability associated with European made furniture.

As the sole and exclusive distributor in Singapore and Hong Kong, Flipping Table parts and structures are imported directly from 2I SRL – an Italian company based in Milan and from CANCIO – a Spanish company based in Madrid. The tables are then assembled and installed locally by our specialists.

Our Italian Flipping Table products come with a 2-year structure warranty and a 1-year warranty for the shock absorber mechanism.